How About a Surprise Proposal and Wedding in One Day?

In December of 2013, F&L Digital Media Solutions was tasked with capturing a unique and special moment for two people. A surprise proposal and wedding, all in one day.

To pull this off, the groom had to coordinate everything. Boy did he ever.

First the groom hired Aquile, a singer and former contestant on NBC’s The Voice. Next, he brought our team in to capture it all. He arranged for her entire family to be there as well.

The plan was simple…he and his bride (he hoped) were on their way to a party where they needed to be dressed in all white. On their way, they would make a stop at the kissing statue in Downtown San Diego. It just so happened, we were there “shooting a music video” with Aquile that same day. So when they arrived, we asked them if they would mind being in the video dancing…since they were dressed up and all.

Want to know what happened next? Watch the video.